St. Louis Midsize Custom Home Plans
2000 – 2999ft²

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St. Louis Midsize Custom Home PlansIn a Midsize home plan from Barker and Son Homes, the home will have the affordability of a nice sized footprint with the added comfort of extra square footage and amenities usually found in a larger home. In fact many of our customer’s say this range of home is the “best midsize house plan” they have ever seen!! At this price point our architect has a lot more to work with in terms of exterior details and characteristics such as brick and Hardy board siding, architectural shingles, and more sophisticated roof lines. At this level we are well into a two story, and in some cases a three story home.

As the square footage of the home increases, our customers are obviously looking for additional rooms that are larger with quite a few of the “nice to haves”. These homes will be complete with wood flooring, larger trim, vaulted ceilings and of course a very nice set of stairs leading the way to the second story. The kitchens and baths in these homes will be of high quality craftsmanship and the windows will be upgraded as well. Open floor plans will abound and the sense of spaciousness will be pronounced, making family time and entertaining that much more enjoyable. Fireplaces are a must have and many of our customers are looking for a nice outdoor living space as well. Patio covers are common in today’s contemporary home as most people like to bring the outdoors in, and spend as much time in the backyard with family as possible.

Midsize floor plans are the bread and butter of our work at Barker and Son Homes. As a premier St. Louis Home Builder, Barker and Son rely on this level of home as our staple product in the market place. This home can be built relatively quickly, which is perfect for the family who is relocating, temporarily has an apartment rented, and is looking for a home in a nice subdivision, or on a custom piece of land. Whether it’s in town or in the country, Barker and Son Homes will provide the architectural and engineering expertise to craft the perfect home for your taste and needs. Drawing on a large number of plans from which to choose from, many of our customers identify a multitude of styles, shapes and designs they prefer with the goal of putting all those together to create one perfect design. Give Barker and Son Homes a call today and let us design the perfect home for you!

Midsize Custom Home Plans: