Architecture & House Plan Design
at Barker & Son Homes

The process that sets Barker and Son Home apart from our competition is the integration of our architecture and house plan design work into a build process. This is a seamless process that provides the homeowner with a single source of contact and responsibility throughout their experience. This allows us to “own” the entire house planning process which ensures a quality product and all expectations to be managed and accomplished.

For some of our homes in the million dollar range, many of our customers would like to see a “conceptual” drawing, or architectural rendering of the home. This is an additional service we provide that really brings to life the “look and feel” of the home, and how it will look in different color schemes.

It is imperative to begin the home building process with a comprehensive architectural plan which includes;

  1. A site plan that ensures all county and city codes are met, boundry lines, setbacks, easements, etc.
  2. Demolition/foundation plan
  3. Floor layouts, elevations, window and wall details

Our architect is also LEED and NAAB green building certified as a sustainable home and energy architect which ensures your new home will be up to date on all the latest energy efficient designs.

The process below outlines our architectural process:

Initial Consultation

At our first meeting, our sales manager and architect will sit down with the customers and get an initial understanding of the following;

  1. The piece of ground the home will be sitting on
  2. The municipality that the ground is located in (important for all zoning/setbacks, etc.)
  3. Initial square footage requirements, and/or unique expectations
  4. The home site may be studied to gain an understanding of its layout and potential.
  5. Preliminary design ideas will be sketched


Estimated Cost Projections – Second meeting with the customer

Once we have a good understanding of the customers’ expectations we can provide fairly accurate budget numbers on the total cost of the project and accomplish the following architectural tasks;

  1. The total estimated cost of the project is reviewed with the customer.
  2. The customer signs an architectural Project Design Letter so Barker & Son Custom Homes can create a full set of architectural plans and designs for the home.

House Plan Design Development

The architect will begin to expand on the initial designs communicated by the customer and the following items will be accomplished:

  1. Multiple design reviews will take place between the builder, architect and the customer, refining the home layout, floor layout, style and architecture.
  2. The architect will create front, back and side elevations for the custom home.
  3. Once these designs have been approved by the customer, construction docs will be created outlining the demolition, foundation, floor and wall detail plans.


When the architect has completed the construction docs for the custom home it is time to submit for permits and begin the construction process. To finish up the architectural drawings the architect will ensure that the new home plan meets all county and municipal codes and setbacks.