St. Louis Custom Home Construction:
Land Development, Engineering & Survey Work

Land Development

Many of our customers come to us with an undeveloped piece of ground, which means the property needs to be cleared of trees, brush and/or old structures. Everyone understands that things move slow down at city hall, so it is best to begin this process sooner rather than later, as it usually takes weeks, and sometimes months just to prep the land for a custom home.

Demolition Contractor

Barker and Son Custom Homes is your top pick for a demolition contractor. In addition to custom homes, we demolish older homes, all types of dilapidated structures, and remove swimming pools. We take care of all the permits and inspections, utility disconnects including water, sewer and gas, and manage all the paperwork associated with a demolition project including asbestos surveys, water and air abatement.

Site Clearing

If your home lot is full of trees we will need to clear the lot according to the municipality and their “tree reclamation” process. Different municipalities have rules and regulations on how many trees can be cut down on the property. As opposed to the Wildwood area where many lots are “full” of trees, in which case we bring in heavy equipment and tree grinding machinery to haul off a large amount trees.


Once the site has been cleared of structures, trees and brush it’s time to establish utilities on the site. If your site is out in the country you will need a well and sewer system installed. And depending on how far out you are, you may need electric service run to the property. Barker and Son Homes will handle all your needs for establishing utilities on the build site.

Grading & Street Construction

Barker and Son Custom Homes will often have to grade and prepare access to a custom home site. We will also be in charge of the permits and inspections needed for street construction to and from the property.

Engineering & Survey Work

In order to build a new structure on an undeveloped piece of ground, the county will need the land surveyed and a plan created. Barker and Son Custom Homes has developed property all over the St. Louis area for custom home sites and will be the homeowners primary source to manage the land development and engineering of the property. For an undeveloped piece of ground, Barker and Son will provide the following services:

Land Surveying and Planning

A land survey is the primary instrument for all future planning, design, engineering and construction that will take place on the site. Whether we are building a custom home or a small subdivision, Barker and Son will prepare the boundary and topographic surveys for the property which also include:

  1. Signed and sealed survey drawings for the county
  2. Grade elevations for corner monuments
  3. Any subdividing work into parcels
  4. Sewer structures and other site utilities

Engineering Services

In addition to land surveying, Barker and Son Custom Homes will manage the site engineering services and ensure that everything is prepared correctly for the county in order to obtain permits. These services include;

  1. A site plan that will be drafted for the county to review
  2. Cross sections and street-scapes
  3. A project report
  4. Site meetings will be attended by Barker and Son with city officials for permits.