Interior Design
A Thoughtful Design Is The First Step To A Beautiful Home…

Involving a design team during the early phases of the project will be one of the most important decisions you will make when building a custom home. Working with our interior design staff will reduce the frustration and anxiety levels you may experience, and it will also help reduce costly changes as the project proceeds. Building a home that is uniquely yours is a process that we have down to a science, and it will make your custom home building experience much more enjoyable. Here is a brief overview of our interior design experience.

Initial meeting

Our design team will meet with you one on one and go over the goals and objectives of the project. We want to produce an overall “look and feel” at a higher level, and from there that design objective will be carried through to the finish.


Macro Design

During this design session we will review the proposed floor layouts, space considerations and circulation/traffic flow of the home. Starting with the larger items such as ceiling heights, fireplaces and other unique items in the home will set the stage for overall design. Outside spaces such as patio covers, swimming pools, kitchens and outdoor entertainment should be included in the initial design.

Idea Development

Taking the ideas that were generated in the previous session we will help expand on those, and begin getting into some detail including colors, fabrics, furniture and additional finishes. This detailed planning is important because just like anything else, today’s textiles have a very wide price range, and everything must fit into the budget of course. At this stage we provide a detailed cost estimate for the furnishings and finishes that have been chosen. Customer approval is accepted at this point.


At this point all the details have been documented and we begin identifying all the materials used to build the home. Millwork, flooring, paint, lighting and fixtures are identified and the sourcing process begins, taking into account lead times, storage arrangements and specialized craftsmen for the install.


As the project proceeds and the home is framed and roughed in, the interior design process begins. Our design staff will work with you every step of the way ordering materials, and making sure the items agreed upon go in smoothly and on schedule. The installation process is much more efficient when a good design team is on site and helping coordinate everything.