St. Louis Luxury Custom Home Plans
4000 – 4999ft²

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St. Louis Luxury Custom Home PlansAs a premier St. Louis Luxury Home builder, Barker and Son Homes builds some of the best St. Louis has to offer. At the 4000 square foot price point, this line of home is built for the affluent customer that wants to make an impression in taste, architecture and elegance. Our homes in this range will be built on a large footprint that will support multiple stories of magnificence!! Roof lines will be very sharp, flowing and elegant, with a high end roof material that will accent the rest of the home. Stone and brick will be interlaced and toothed in at the corners that will exemplify a very proud and castle like home décor. Whether contemporary or traditional, this home will be the envy of the neighborhood.

The rooms in this home will be spacious with “plenty” of open floor plan design and architecture. Cathedral and vaulted ceilings will be throughout the home as well as multiple fireplaces, crown molding and custom trimmed windows and doors. The kitchen and bath areas will be of the highest quality cabinetry and built to suit. Custom shelving, doors and unique nooks and crannies for fine art to be displayed will certainly be included. A luxury home plan from Barker and Son Homes will always include an expansive outdoor living space complete with well designed patio covers, outdoor kitchens, pools and spas. Quality family time along with showing your guests the best time possible will be the goal of this outdoor living space.

A home like this will certainly want to have a nice footprint, whether in town, or just outside of the city limits. Barker and Son Homes has many Luxury Home Floor Plans to choose from, which is always a good starting point when creating the home that fits you and your family best. After a few appointments with our architect, your dream home will begin to take shape and you will see why partnering with Barker and Son Homes was the best decision you could have made!

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